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3 Ways to Improve Your App Installs With Facebook Ads

So you have just developed an Android or iOS app that you are confident about. Your product also works on every device that it is tested on and you are sure that people will start downloading it immediately. However, a few days after your application goes live on the app store, your expectations start to sink as the number of downloads barely rise.
Does this mean your app has failed? Not really. Remember, an application that isn't marketed won't get discovered. The reason why people can't find your app or have an incentive to use it (if they do find it) is probably because your app isn't getting as much exposure.
You can aim to resolve both of these issues by using Facebook app install ads for your app marketing campaign.
In 2012, Facebook provided businesses and developers an easier way to promote installs on their applications through Facebook app install ads. Simply put, Facebook's mobile app advertising tools give businesses the chance to connect with people who are likely to install their app and take action within it.
In this post, we will discuss how you can use Facebook app install advertising to make users click on the install button.
1. Use Detailed Targeting
User targeting is all about displaying your ads to the right people. And for you, the right people are those who are likely to install and use your app.
Part of the reason why Facebook app install ads are considered powerful, is their ability to target specific users. How? In addition to letting advertisers select target audiences by demographic, the social media giant also lets them choose people based on their interests. For instance, if you want to promote an app that streamlines certain workflow processes, such as the PEG app we developed, you can target current customers based on their contact information through Facebook's Custom Audiences tool.
2. Use Images
When you view an ad, what is the first thing that catches your attention? The image. The human brain is wired to respond to imagery more than words, which is why image based post enjoy more engagement on social media.
Apart from a single image or video, you can also use Facebook's carousel format, which it extended to app ads last year, to attract audiences with 3 to 5 swipe able images. The images you use should be relevant to what your application promises or details about your business.
3. Promote a landing page that Gives Value
Another way to encourage people to download your mobile app is to develop a landing page which lists out the features of your app, is pleasing to the eye, and has the install CTA where they can experience it. Let's examine this in detail:
Features - People must be able to see what your app does by skimming through the landing page. Use content to your benefit by listing features that show it in the best light and how your app adds value.
Visuals - Use interesting visuals, like screenshots of your app, to let people know what is in store
Call to Action - Make sure the download button is prominent
If your first attempt doesn't work, keep revamping your copy with different content and visuals, track installs for each and stick to one that works best.
At times, people may not be ready to install the app at their first visit. For such cases, you can use Facebook Pixel to target these people again, but this time with different information so that they could convert.
Wrapping up
So, these are three ways you can improve your app installs through Facebook Ads and ensure your application reaches out to your target audience.
This article is written by James Martin. He is an expert app developer in a firm of US. He has 6 years' experience in the field of apps development. Currently, he is developing Facebook apps for unique functions.

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